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Places of interest in the Czech

Aquapark Liberec – a paradise for lovers of water fun

When you say aquapark, most of us will imagine slides and pools somewhere in a seaside resort where we usually go for holidays in the summer. However, in recent years there has been a trend of building water parks even in the deep inland, so the lovers of water fun can enjoy themselves throughout the entire year. Moreover, water parks offer a range of additional services just like the Aquapark Liberec.

Aquapalace Prague – tropical paradise for the whole family

Do you love adrenalin adventures or do you prefere pleasant relaxation? Do you like diving and the submarine world? You can find all this around the world but why should you go so far? Now you have the opportunity to experience exactly the same under one roof in Prague! Forget waiting for the summer holidays, spending hours on the plane and an insanely expensive stay at the seaside! Aquapalace Prague is here for you! Aquapark Čestlice ( in the Průhonice Shopping Zone)

Aquapark Teplice – water world all year round

Are you tired from a long winter? Or bored of spring weather? But you still love water and all the pleasures associated with it? Is your holiday still far ahead? If your answers are yes you should visit Aquapark Teplice where you can discover a world of new experiences associated with bathing, fun in the waves, tobogans and relaxing in the whirlpool. You can enjoy this water paradise in Aquapark Teplice every day in the year. No excuse for bad moods anymore!

Beroun – the bear town

If you look for Beroun on the map you will find that this town has a very strategic location. It is on the way from Prague to Pilsen. Beroun is surrounded by a hilly landscape, not far from protected areas called Křivoklátsko and Czech Karst and that is the reason why this place attracts nature lovers. Beroun is almost lost in the woods. The woods are all around the town and you can find a number of marked hiking trails there. Not far from Beroun there are more interesting places such as Karlštejn or Koněprusy.

Brno – the city of the dragon, beer, motorbikes and traid fairs

It is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. It is a traditional and most important city of Moravia located at the confluence of the Svitava and Svratka rivers. There is also a big dam which is a very popular place for relaxation. Brno is a significant administrative centre and a seat important to judiciary institutions such as the Constitutional Court of the Czech republic or the Office for the Protection of Competition.

České Budějovice – the city of beer

The city is in the southeastern part of the České Budějovice Basin where the Vltava meets the Malše river in a landscape full of ponds. The whole area is mostly plain but we can also find some hills near České Budějovice such as Lipovský práh. České Budějovice is close to the Novohradské mountains and there is the more popular Šumava in the west. Other popular tourist destinations in the surrounding are historical places such as Hluboká nad Vltavou and Český Krumlov.

Český Krumlov – město památek

Při pohledu na mapu zjistíme, že Český Krumlov leží pouhých 22 km jihozápadně od Českých Budějovic pod hřebenem Blanského lesa, což je prakticky podhůří Šumavy. Atmosféru města vytváří nejen historické památky, ale také řeka Vltava, která Českým Krumlovem protéká typickými meandry. Český Krumlov je významné turistické centrum Jižních Čech.

Dětenice – vzhůru do středověku

Dětenice jsou pro Vás tím pravým místem, pokud chcete spojit poznání historie s rozšířením si gastronomických zážitků. V Dětenicích si užijí všichni, jak mladí, tak starší, jak milovníci dávných časů, tak gurmáni nebo obdivovatelé středověkých způsobů. Vydejte se na kraj Českého ráje, kde v okrese Jičín narazíte v obci Dětenice na zámek a originální středověkou krčmu Dětenice, kde se vrátíte o několik století zpět.

Personal transport

The whole world is spinning and we are part of it so we are constantly in motion too. We get up in the morning, do whatever is needed and go to school or work. We get back in the afternoon after some personal or business meetings. We move from one place to another all day long and we consider it to be so natural that we do not even think about life without conveniences of the modern living. Travelling and personal transport are undoubtedly one of these.

Františkovy Lázně – the city for your heart

This significant spa town is in western Bohemia not far from the other known spa Karlovy Vary. Even though it is quite a small town with only 5500 inhabitants, it has one of the most famous spas in the Czech Republic. It is a place where diseases of the heart and circulatory and musculoskeletal systems, as well as gynecological diseases including infertility can be cured.

Karlštejn castle

The medieval castle is located in Beroun District 30 km southwest of Prague in the protected landscape area Český Kras. Karlštejn stands on the rock, like any proper castle, at a height of 316 m. It is a large complex of several separate fortified parts. Karlštejn used to serve as a treasury where the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire and the relics were kept.

Křivoklát castle – hunt your experience

One of the oldest and most significant medieval castles of Czech kings and dukes is located in Rakovník district in Central Bohemia. Křivoklát was used as a hunting castle and is surrounded by beautiful nature and deep forests which are great for walking and relax even today. Only the hunting is not so easy anymore.

Loket castle – attracts even meteorites

This castle is situated on the cliff above the river Ohře in the protected landscape area of Slavkovský forest. The whole area around the castle was settled in the time of the Slavs as the archeological foundings show. Loket castle´s surrounding are located in beautiful nature with fertile soil. There were important feuds in the past which were rented by the German lords and knights.

Rožmberk castle – the last but of Petr Vok

The oldest seat of the Rožmberks is located in the beautiful landscape of South Bohemia in the town Rožmberk nad Vltavou not far from Český Krumlov. During your visit of this representative seat of the magnificent family of Rožmberk you will understand why they chose this place. It has a beautiful nature with a view of the flowing river Vltava and not far from their other manor in Český Krumlov.

Janské Lázně – warm up your body

The small town Jánské Lázně with less than 1000 inhabitants is in Trutnov County. It is welliked by ill patients because of the spa procedures but it also attracts visitors who want to spend a few days without the stress of the city and look for relaxation, spa cures and a quiet atmosphere. Jánské Lázně adapts its offer of services even to the people who have not come here because of the doctor´s recommendation.

Jindřichův Hradec – the town full of history

Jindřichův Hradec is located in South Bohemia approximately 45km from České Budějovice on the river Nežárka. It used to be one of the most important and richest towns in the Czech Kingdom in the past. We can see the heritage of its significance in the historical heart of the town. The town centre is a well known conservation area and thousands of visitors come every year.

Karlovy Vary – the city of films, wafles and Becherovka

Karlovy Vary is the best known spa of the Czech Republic. The city boasts the traditional Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (IFF) and the famous herbal liqueur called becherovka. Karlovy Vary lies in West Bohemia, near the protected area Slavkovský les, at the confluence of the Teplá River, the Rolava River and the Ohře River.

Kutná Hora – the town of silver

Kutna Hora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in Central Bohemia region. The history of this town is linked with the mining of silver ore in the local area. The local district provided about one-third of silver production in Europe. It lies near Čáslav and Kolín.

Lázně Bělohrad – the town of silver

This small spa town is located under the Giant Mountains not far from Jičín. The populatiton of Lázně Bělohrad is almost 4.000. The town of today was established of Nová Ves settlement where a new stronghold was built . It was made of white stone, hence the name – Bělohrad, meaning White Castle. In the nineties of the 19th century it was officially renamed Lázně Bělohrad.

Lednice – a romantic castle with a beautiful garden

An exquisite castle Lednice is located in the village Lednice on the right bank of the river Dyje approximately 12km east of Mikulov. Lednice with its large garden is one of the most beautiful complexes in the Czech Republic and rightly deserves the favour of the visitors. People can admire the castle itself, the adjoining well tended park, Minaret, Jan´s castle, the pond and the Greenhouse where a rare cykas – 300-500 year old tree can be found.

Vaclav Havel Airport Prague – a gateway to the knowledge of the world

Undoubtedly the most important international airport in the Czech Republic can be found in Prague. Prague attracts a lot of tourists every year and because of this fact the airport is very busy. It is one of the most modern international airports in Central Europe thanks to its great facilities. Vaclav Havel Airport Prague has two terminals nowadays used for domestic and international flights within Europe and also destination worldwide.

Liberec – city with a view of Ještěd

A city with over a hundred thousand inhabitants is located in the north of the Czech Republic and it is the fifth largest city in Czech. Liberec is next to Jablonec nad Nisou and approximately 90km from Prague. The city lies in Liberec Valley of Neisse River between Jeschken Ridge and Jizera Mountains. There are not only hills in Liberec surroundings but also water areas such as dams, ponds and the river Neisse.

Mariánské Lázně – a world famous spa

Mariánské lázně – a small town with 15.000 citizens is located 30km south of Cheb in Karlovy Vary region. It is the youngest spa of the famous Westbohemian Spa Triangle. Mariánské Lázně lies at the southern side of the Slavkovsky Les Nature Reserve.

Mělník – the town of wine at the confluence of the Labe and Vltava rivers

The district town Mělník lies 30km north of Prague in the Central Bohemia on the right side of the river Labe opposite the mouth of the river Vltava. The stream Pšovka flows around the historical town centre. Mělník is connected to the history even in the historical novels of Eduard Štorch who situated the plot of his books into Mělník region.

Olomouc – the University City with the scent of flowers

The metropolis of so-called Haná region is also a statutory city in central Moravia and the sixth biggest city in the Czech Republic. The city has a population of over 100,000 inhabitants. Olomouc is located in the valley of the Morava River. The whole Haná region around Olomouc is very fertile and it is mainly lowland.

Personal transport of modern times

All day we are surrounded by things that come to us from long distances but nobody really thinks about it. Not only things and materials are in motion but we move from one end of the world to the other as well. Luckily we do not have to use the power of animals any more to travel for example to the east as the caravans used to in the past. During over times the comfort of personal transport has naturally changed a lot.

Parking at Prague´s airport – the comfort guaranteed

Do you flight for only a few days because of business meeting and do not want to worry about parking your car at the Prague´s Airport? Are you worried that anyone can steal your car during those few days? Anything like that will not happen with us! If you use our parking service at the airport you can be sure that your car is safe and you will find it in exactly the same condition in which you left it here before your flight.

Plzeň – city of beer and Skoda auto

The city of beer is located in Western Bohemia at the confluences of rivers Mže, Radbuza, Úhlava and Úslava. The river resulting from the confluence is called Berounka. Plzeň is the fourth biggest city in the Czech Republic, the second biggest city in Bohemia and has more than 170.000 inhabitants. Plzeň is world famous for its beer. Prazdroj and Gambrinus are brewed here. The fermented lager is called Pilsner or Pils all over the world according to the German name of Plzeň city.

Poděbrady – town of mineral water

If you look for this spa town on the map, you can find it in the fertile lowland on both sides of the Labe River. It is located in the Central Bohemian Region in Nymburk district. The whole area is only a little forested and is used for agriculture. In Poděbrady surroundings there are only three hills but there are also some nature reserves and parks for example Libický luh which is a remnant of the floodplain forests that were so typical for this landscape in the past.

A Business trip does not have to be a necessary evil

Nowadays we spend much more time at work than at home with our loved ones. If the business trip appears on the top of that we see it as a necessary evil which is a part of our job. Let’s see it from the different point of view! The business trip can be a challenge for us to find out how we get on with our lives and that the saying about the neighbour’s grass growing greener is not true.

Telč – pearl of Moravia

Most of us think that the significant town Telč, where we can find numerous architectoral masterpieces, is part of Czech but Telč is located in southwest Moravia, south of Jihlava. It has been a part of the Vysočina region since 2000. The historical heart of the town was registered in 1992 on the UNESCO´s List of World Cultural Heritage sites. It is one of the most precious conservation areas in Moravia.

Terezín – a fortress town with sad history

The small fortress town Terezín lies on both sides of river Ohře approximately 5 km from Litoměřice. Terezín is divided in two parts - The Small Fortress and The Big Fortress of Terezín. The fortress is a significant monument and an evidence of great architecture of 18th century. At the same time it reminds us of the dark side of human behaviour during the World War II.

Accommodation at Prague´s Airport – saves your time

Are you excited about your holiday or do you have to go abroad because of business? Are you not from Prague and do not know where to stay the night before your early morning flight? In this case the only right choice is airport accommodation! We do not mean staying at the airport benches over night but comfortable accommodation at the hotel with all the comfort you need.

The trips with our children enrich our lives

Let´s stop chasing ourselves from one job to another and start to enjoy our lives finally! It sounds like a cliché but to be honest when you start to remember your childhood the first recalled memories would be from the trips with your parents and schoolmates. These trips enrich our lives. It is not about designer clothes, top electronics or the latest computer games.

Hluboká castle – a fairytale castle

One of the most visited castles in the Czech Republic - Hluboká castle – is located on a hill above the Vltava River in Hluboká nad Vltavou, approximately 15 km north from České Budějovice. Besides the castle itself the tourists can admire collections of Dutch and Flemish painters of the 17th and 18th century. These collections are placed in the original riding hall with an open-frame hall and are managed by Aleš South Bohemian Gallery.

Konopiště castle – castle of the bears

Konopiště castle is located in the nearby town of Benesov in central Bohemia, 40 km southeast of Prague. This castle was the last residence of Archduke František Ferdinand d'Este - a successor to the Austro-Hungarian throne, who was assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914.

Dvůr Králové ZOO – Safari in Czech conditions

It is one of the most significant ZOOs not even in the Czech Republic but also in the world. It is located in the west of the town Dvůr Králové nad Labem and lies approximately 30 Km north of Hradec Králové. Dvůr Králové ZOO is one of the biggest in the Czech Republic. It also boasts a gallery with paintings by our famous illustrator of prehistoric time – Zdeněk Burian.

Pilsen ZOO – what you do not see anywhere else

The ZOO in Pilsen is also a botanical garden and is the second oldest Zoo in the Czech Republic. It is the most visited attraction in the Pilsen region and the fourth most visited Zoo in the Czech Republic. ZOO in Pilsen covers an area of 21 hectares. Its visitors can admire a large collection of reptiles, snowy owls and chilean flamengos.

ZOO in Ústí nad Labem - famous even from the movie

The ZOO in Ústí nad Labem is in the east of the town centre. There are 204 species in more than a thousand enclosures. Many residents of this Zoo are rare and endangered animals. The ZOO in Ústí nad Labem is proud of its successful breeding of Manchurian leopards, rhinos and other animals. The popular movie called Two people at the ZOO was filmed here in 1989.

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