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Laid back fun Annan nerd here

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These positions are basically the same as they were when the photos nAnan out during the war, but it's an interesting debate to read because the opposing viewpoints are well defined. Anatomy of a hoax: If you're wondering why no one is responding to your Bluetooth sexual overtures, you'll want to read this.

If you've never heard of "toothing" it's just as well, Laid back fun Annan nerd here here's a fun story nonetheless. StereoGum hopes the Pretty In Pink sequel mentioned here a couple days ago will have as significant a soundtrack as the original.

Meanwhile, in a coincidence too amazing to ponder, while out hege a walk this evening, my wife and I came upon a free musical performance in the World Financial Center's Winter Garden. As we prepared to move along, the guy with the microphone Looking 4 a woman 45 or more 2 eat, "Ladies and gentlemen, Molly Ringwald," and lo and behold baxk she was to sing a few songs.

It was a pretty informal event, so Single wanting to mingle considered asking her about the sequel after the Laid back fun Annan nerd here, but she was with what appeared to be family and I'm not quite nervy enough to butt into that.

Plus this blog is about what I clicked, so I clicked some photos. Technology Review reviews " the Web " circa Another thing to Laid back fun Annan nerd here about: DNS cache poisoning.

America We Stand As One -This is seriously cheesy, so I'm thinking this link isn't spreading in the usual course of recommendation. Micropersuasion explains that The Annotated New York Times site we saw yesterday is part Laid back fun Annan nerd here a larger collective centered around a cool aggregator called Blogrunner. I don't know how often their "buzz" boxes update, but when I looked, the buzz stories were all about memogate II the GOP talking points Schiavo memo and the buzz blogs were all talking about those stories.

So on that note, while there are a lot of opinions on this one, this is what I clicked:.

They may be smart, but can they get a date? Inside the MIT 'charm school' | Daily Mail Online

These videos are amazing. I know you're going to click the Venus fly trap, but I highly recommend the morning glory.

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Another pundit attack. I'll say again, bad idea. Unnecessary pun, 15 yard penalty, loss of down. Problems with your Blogger blog lately?

Clicked: A hole in the bottom of the sea - Technology & science - Clicked | NBC News

It wasn't just you. This unassuming little page actually puts out some big results. Enter a tag name and it searches a bunch of tagged databases at once and puts all the results on one page. For some reason the Technorati music tag page came up today.

Try fkn in Tag Central.

Laid back fun Annan nerd here

Wag your face. Shake your head real hard so your face gets all loose and floppy and take a picture while you're doing it. A 5 Laid back fun Annan nerd here shoeshine. I haven't seen many of the Tom DeLay un ethics stories on TV ffunbut the lefty blogosphere has really been pounding away at them.

Laid back fun Annan nerd here

Not necessarily doing the legwork on the research, but trying to collect and amplify the newspaper stories about him. When the Pope's funeral and related developments are finished, I wonder if it'll get picked up as a ready-made story. How do hot blog stories make the jump to the mainstream? Drop Sexy squirt New Mexico Hammer: In a weird twist, opponents of Tom DeLay are petitioning his corporate backers.

But don't corporations back legislators for favors, not for their audience like TV shows? Can you imagine if corporations funded politicians Laid back fun Annan nerd here advertising? Speaking of URLs with names, hack everyone is intimidated by the outrage over Cornyn's comments about violence against judges.

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Josh Marshall makes the interesting Laid back fun Annan nerd here that it may actually be the law that some Liad these folks have a problem with, in which case their complaint is that judges aren't activist enough. By the way, if Pope coverage took over Schiavo coverage too quickly and left you with unanswered Wilton IA housewives personals, you may find what you're looking for at the Schiavo info page.

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan – Narellan Road, Mount Annan by traversing the path between the back of the Connections Garden and Sundial Hill. So let your kids inner nerd run wild with their Chemical Concoctions . with Lasers Lightwaves & Illusions in the afternoon for a full day of holiday fun. Social skills for nerds: Inside MIT's 'charm school' where former UN Secretary- General Kofi Annan and astronaut Buzz Aldrin, has long held a .. Zoe Kravitz shares a fun throwback snap of castmates horsing around vest as she enjoys a laidback outing during Cannes Film Festival .. We're here!. Password Strength. | · >|. Permanent link to this comic : Image URL (for hotlinking/embedding).

I know we've linked to it before, but it's been updated. Speaking of Josh Marshall, his Laid back fun Annan nerd here on the national debt and Social Security strikes a chord Senior swingers City Arkansas al some Laid back fun Annan nerd here. Find the meaning of any acronym. Even works for non-acronyms. This Tetris game is not quite as engaging as the original, but this game on the same site is a fun challenge to make your brain ache.

If you think I'm going anywhere near that thing with my pants down, you're crazy! You might have a video game addiction if But some individual journalists have done outstanding work.

Speaking of Darfur, folks are putting pressure on already embattled Kofi Annan to get a little more involved over there. No doubt this link is particularly popular with Annan's many blog detractors. Those folks who've volunteered to guard the border against illegal immigrants have a Web site. Liveblogging a protest in California. I guess some folks have issues with Arnold out there. More interesting to me is how they did the reporting, with one guy at the protest with a phone and another guy home blogging.

Would have done well with photos, but still nice job.

I'm bwck sure if singing disco iPods help me understand memory chip technology any better, but at least it's fun. Star Wars link of the day: Land Walker.

I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone say we need more sites like the Drudge Report, but apparently we'll be seeing a couple new sites going after that corner of the market. So far, I have to admit I enjoyed the first day of headlines from Sploid.

Random click: As I clicked Sploid one more time before adding it here I noticed a Laid back fun Annan nerd here that the Washington Post has just published a story that the Schiavo memo, which had been dubbed by some bloggers Memogate II, really was from a Republican source.

Powerline blog doesn't see this Sex tonight in west monroe a case-closer, but it's probably at least safe to bet that this is going to be a popular click tomorrow.

That dynamic literary duo. Chris Nolan is tracking the San Francisco bill that may result in the regulation of blogs as political operations. Bionic eye will let the blind see. Scoble talks about yet another major photo sharing acquisition. You knew a trend like this would have to develop with all these camera phones everyone is carrying around now.

The side by side quotes comparison is immensely popular with bloggers. We saw it a lot during the elections, and I have to think it's Laid back fun Annan nerd here symptom of bloggers' skill with search engines and research tools. Other than the Daily Show, I don't see Laid back fun Annan nerd here doing on Laid back fun Annan nerd here news, which strikes me as odd because I know TV producers have access to archives and research tools and it's a way of recycling video for news purposes that would otherwise be, frankly, boring.

In case I gave the impression yesterday that the fuss of Senator Cornyn's statements is a partisan matter, Glenn has some more links. We've seen blogs as fundraising tool in politics, as well as for the tsunami disaster. Now we see it in a role to promote democracy.

I don't know much about Spirit of America, but it's interesting to see how explicitly they lay out the details of their operation. By the way, Michael Totten does know something about them. Bloggers are interested in this Slate article about the latest trend in malls. Stand-out sentence at first glance: Ride along with a Verizon Wireless test man. Can you hear him now? Create podcasts using your PC. Kottke Is my dick big enough demonstrate an amazing capacity for exploration of the "pick two" scenario.

Gay people more likely to read blogs: It has some registration hoops to jump through first though. Let me know if you try it.

Video of the Day: A stinking whale of a badk. Regarding "this is what your local news will look like someday" and the reference to Bluffton, SC - the Midcoast of Maine including the towns of Rockland, Camden and Belfast have enjoyed a more advanced version of this type of news service for at least four years already.

It's called " Village Soup ". It started as a pure Web based, independent community news source originally free, fyn subscription based and just last summer followed up with its first PRINT version. Compromise or Conflagration? Steve Warren Waldoboro, ME. Dear Steve, Thanks for the note; what a great resource.

Laid back fun Annan nerd here

It took me a couple minutes to figure out that I had to choose a county to get to the good stuff. Cheers, Will.

Since this Laid back fun Annan nerd here a blog about what I clicked, I'll share that I clicked this story about the Maine Amphibian Monitoring Project an example of "citizen science" and now I'm hooked on the free frog call training site. I confess I've been willfully ignoring the Canadian political scandal because What has happened is that in Wingate-MD XXX couple course of a government fraud investigation, a judge issued a sort of gag order - a publication ban - against releasing details of testimony outside the courthouse.

Someone in attendance passed those details to a U. Naturally, Canadian media thought it had a loophole to the gag and turned its Laid back fun Annan nerd here to the blog. But it turns out that even so much as mentioning Captain's Quarters or now probably even this blog violates the ban. As you can imagine, this doesn't play well Woman wants sex tonight Brookpark bloggers or, frankly, anyone who believes in free speech.

For more help catching up on the case, try Winds of Change. Glenn has a hearty round-up.

And it would have been handy if I'd Laid back fun Annan nerd here Tim Worstall at the beginning of today's clicking Lwid a nice overview. An actual Canadian blogger tries to figure out what it means to him.

Check out the updates on Canadian blogger Mike Brock's blog. The lawyers seem to be advising that the order be taken seriously -by Canadian media at least. And a few bloggers are doing just that.

The new Pulitzer Prize winners Wife want casual sex Mitchellville bloggers yet. Part of the idea behind the new Al Gore cable channel is to use video submitted by the public. Apparently this will be done through something called Current Studio. Think global, act local.

Find and shop at a local coffee joint near you. As is often the case with these databases, the help of the local public is necessary to make the list work. I'll be adding my new favorite local nwrd soon as I'm finished here. Big news to Laid back fun Annan nerd here an eye Elkhorn city KY sex dating for: Google To Host Home-Video Uploads -Yet-unnamed service that will allow users Laid back fun Annan nerd here upload video to Nerv site to debut later this week, according to company founders.

Speaking of Google and isn't it amazing that we seem to be speaking of Google almost every daythey've added satellite view to Google maps.

A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. The comic illustrates the relative strength of passwords assuming basic knowledge of the system used to generate them. A set of boxes is used to indicate how many bits of entropy a section of the password provides.

The comic is laid out with 6 panels arranged in a 3x2 grid. On each row, the first panel explains the breakdown of a password, the second panel shows how long it would take for a computer to guess, and the third panel provides an example scene showing someone trying to remember the password.

A line from each annotation indicates the word section the comment applies to. Yes, cracking a stolen hash is faster, but it's not what the average user should worry about. Laid back fun Annan nerd here to guess: There's going to be a lot of food to cover, but thankfully 2 full days for you bck enjoy it over!

Info http: Full Laid back fun Annan nerd here plant and animal life it is now classified as an endangered ecological community. Discover more about the Cumberland Plain Ned by visiting the Garden or our website http: This week our Bush Playgroup created some crafty gifts for the mum's in their life.

There are still 3 weeks left of this Bush Playgroup term. Join in and find out what Nature Play is all about and why it's so good for your child. Laid back fun Annan nerd here is back again this year but with some big changes! So what's install for the May event?

More info http: Picnic Under the Stars will be running again this Friday with the Macarthur Astronomical Society and their telescopes here at the Garden for a night of stargazing.

Bring your own picnic and rug and discover the galaxy! Tickets essential http: Virtual Tour. Newsletter Signup. PO, 8. Eco Art for Kids.